FEMTEN – a multi-purpose space for creative exploration and togetherness.

    Femten is a project led by WAAITT, aimed at steering our small studio away from the digital realm and into a format where we can also engage with clients, connections and friends irl, while pursuing our passions for design, art and culture. Femten is a versatile venue that can adapt daily and evolve over time. We’re set to curate a diverse array of gatherings, from public events to private soirees.

    Femten is also facilitating the non-profit gallery, Tofu Space, curated by Tofu Collective. Tofu Space is exhibiting Betty Apple until February 10th.

    Femten is more than a physical space; it’s a platform for community building serving as the home for the association and its members.

    Over the coming months, we’ll be shaping and transforming the space as we explore and discover its full potential. We are working on establishing a shop with design items from local creators (curated by WAAITT) and a gallery shop with design and books by creators and artists from the Sinophone world (curated by Tofu Collective). If you as a designer, creator or artist (or anything in between) want to be part of this journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also, feel free to connect with us if you envision your next event taking place at Femten!

    Femten is open from Wednesday to Saturday. Come by to say hello, grab a bottle of wine for the weekend (or to celebrate Monday), and immerse yourself in the current exhibition at Tofu Space.

    Læderstræde 15, basement
    1201 Copenhagen

    Tuesday—Friday: 14-17
    Thursday: 14-20